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Worry, You and Your Horse

How often do you worry about your horses?

How often does your worrying actually improve the situation for you, your horse?

Do you recognise that sometimes you worry when it's just not necessary?

Do you understand that your feelings of anxiety create a false lens through which you view situations around you, even with your horse?

Are you viewing a situation through a lens created by negative experiences in the past?

Is this relevant to your present situation with your horse?

Is this creating a false reality for you and your horse?

Remember that your negative experiences and anxious feelings can create a false reality for you, they also create a false reality for your horse.

Your horse does not recognise that you are worrying about them; they just know that you are worried.

They will not realise that you are reacting to a past trauma; they will feel that trauma currently exists around them - but will not understand the why.

You need to release your fears, worries and anxieties to prevent your horse picking up on these emotions and 'feeling' as if it belongs to them.

Once your horse feels these emotions are their own, it changes their behaviour and can create problems. It reduces the bond and connection between you and creates miscommunication and misunderstanding too.

Energy Healing treats your horse and you to release stress and change behaviour, to create a better reality, improve communication, and deepen your bond with each other.

Are you ready to change your reality for you and your horse? Why not consider a Healing Session for you and your horse?

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