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Where Intuitive Animal Communication & Equine Guided Coaching & Healing Meet.

When you want to achieve a goal or are working to receive the results of a desire, the key to achieving is to set an intention and to feel the success of your goal/desire.

Allowing yourself to feel what it would be like to experience your goal enables you to retrain your consciousness to open up to that experience.

This results in you letting go of your old conditioned knee jerk responses from the past, that limit your beliefs and get in the way of you achieving your desired outcome.

For example, you may be working through a limiting belief challenge or a health issue, either with yourself or even your horse. You try to work through the challenge but you feel like you keep hitting a brick wall and are not making progress.

This results in feelings of anger, doubt, frustration, not feeling good enough, devalued and even sadness - it seems like you are on a merry go round, going around and around in circles fueling feelings of failure.

Your response to this situation is having old memories, experiences and traumas being triggered because your consciousness is imprinted from similar past experiences. You end up feeling stuck.

This is why a new feeling must be practiced in order to achieve the different outcome you want.

In Intuitive Animal Communication if you want to change a pet's behaviour such as peeing on the carpet, you focus and set the intention of the positive outcome that you seek from your pet and communicate that intention and positive outcome to your pet to achieved the desired response.

It is the same when you are working on yourself.

In Equine Guided Coaching and Healing - it is you recognising the patterns of old conditioned responses and behaviours. Accepting that they are there, but believing that you actually can do something about it to change the responses and the outcome, and then actively taking part in making that change by visualising your desired outcome.

If this resonates with you why not try this.

Before approaching your situation again, take a moment to focus on your breath and see yourself experiencing the situation with success.

See yourself successfully guiding yourself or your animal through the behaviour challenge.

Allow yourself to really feel what it feels like to succeed, how you will feel, if it's a behaviour issue with your pet, how your pet will feel, and how you will both feel together.

Really imagine these outcomes in the present moment. Let the feelings of success of your goal, fill you.

Remember it is important to ensure that you are focusing on the positive. If you catch yourself reverting to the doubtful negative feelings and outcomes, stop, take a deep breath, and redirect your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to the positive outcomes of the situation.

Commit to practicing and choosing to connecting to the feeling and seeing of your goal daily.

The more you imagine you are experiencing your success in the present moment, the more you will erase that imprint that has caused your knee-jerk negative responses.

Consider this as a daily practice that realigns you with your strong, true, authentic self.

We are human and there are always going to be situations that challenge and trigger us.

Consistent practice of setting an intention and connecting with the feeling of your goal, whether it is a personal goal, professional goal, or a goal to simply feel more at peace with yourself, can really change things for you in a positive way.

Really allowing yourself to feel what you want to experience, the goal, the feeling of success, the desired outcome will shorten the duration and episodes of the triggered, negative responses in any challenging situation.

When things start to become challenging, stop, take a deep breath, then another one; accept what has happened, take another deep breath and then close your eyes (if it is safe to do so) and concentrate on seeing in your mind's eye your desired, positive, successful achievement, outcome, desired goal.

Even in challenging times we can master the moment and create a new outcome when we stop, breath and connect with the feelings of our goals, whatever those goals may be, no matter how big or small.

This recalibrates your nervous system so your reactions and choices are in alignment with your higher feelings and your authentic self.

And because your horses and pets are sensitive to energy and look to you for guidance and leadership, they quickly follow your lead and align with your intentions and desired outcomes, deepening your relationship!

Give this a try and let me know how you do!

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