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When you are ready for change you want it right now - right?

You don't want it to take weeks, months or even years do you? You haven't got time for that!

Maybe you’ve tried other therapies such as coaching, talk therapy but you haven't made the progress or got the relief you need.

Personally I am glad you kept searching because I have something I want to share with you.

You know what they say,

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears" or words to that effect.

A little bit of my background that led me to EFT.

I had never heard of EFT although I was already on a lifelong journey of re-discovering my inner self. At that stage I was a qualified Usual Reiki Master, had applied that knowledge to animals, particularly horses and was heavily involved in learning more and more about what makes our spiritual selves together with our minds and bodies and the same for animals - tick.

Despite all of this knowledge, skills, tools and techniques I had reached a stage where everything felt like it was going wrong. Over a short period of time I had lost my 62 year old mum to cancer as a direct result of 13 years gross medical negligence not by one doctor or consultant but several. Been in two major car accidents which resulted in damage to my pelvis, lost my business as a result of caring for my mum, (I wanted to do that) and my sons were struggling with school life and dyslexia, and my mother in law was also terminally ill - again as a result of medical negligence.

The list goes on - but all in all it was a very difficult period of nearly 10 years!!

I felt complete and utter overwhelm and in chaos. I struggled to get out of bed each day, dreading what the day would bring, and when I got through the day I went to bed feeling sheer relief for having made it, but dread for the next day.

It just felt as though I was going from one chaotic issue to another and there was no support.

I tried talking therapies and counselling via the GP, but the counsellor only wanted to talk about herself and her life - I left after 20 minutes.

I tried someone else - same thing; I felt alone, lost, lonely and completed unsupported - and I grew tired of therapists telling me that what I was going through was nothing compared to their personal stories.

In all honesty I came away feeling that everything was my fault - one of the therapists even suggested that.

It was my fault that my mum had become ill and died, it was my fault that my mother in law was in the same position, it was my fault I lost my business, it was my fault I was in two car accidents (neither of which were actually my fault) - it was my fault I was in this position.

I worked on myself using all the knowledge, skills and techniques that I had at my disposal, and they helped, but I had to really find the time and make time for them out of an already chaotic day, so my practice was not as consistent as I wanted it to be.

I needed something else.

That something needed to be a tool or technique that I could carry with me and do at any point in the day - and particularly when the feelings of overwhelm tried to take over.

It needed to be simple and easy to remember (because by this time my memory was shot too), and something I could develop and work on whenever I needed to and it had to be adaptable.

Impossible Right?

I felt like I was asking for the moon in all honesty!

By this time my self esteem and confidence was rock bottom, I was questioning everything and constantly ruminating over what was happening. My mind was in overdrive, I couldn't sleep and my friendships and relationships were suffering, particularly with my horses.

I had reached that point where I needed something to help me. Something quick and easy, simple and effective, something that could give me an immediate lift and boost.

That something was and still is EFT.

I remember doing a search along the lines of "what to do when you are in overwhelm?"

EFT popped up.

It didn't really grab me and I have to be honest, I was sceptical. However curiosity got the better of me and I couldn't find anything else so I took a look.

That day was my First Tapping Day!

I lost track of time, researching, applying my own knowledge of energy healing, life coaching strategies, (did I forget to mention I am a qualified life coach too); and started tapping.

I realised with each round of tapping I felt better.

My body was calmer and not running in a state of "shock" nor on empty, and my mind was relaxing. I had the best sleep that night.

The next day whilst my sons were were at school I started tapping again, working on releasing all the pent up pain, trauma, hurt, and then I slowly started to rebuild my self esteem and confidence.

And my journey with EFT went from there.

Eventually I qualified as an Accredited Master Practitioner in EFT and TRT, and used it within my healing work with horses and their carers and riders and I still love it.

EFT has been a gift for me during Covid 19 and the lockdowns and even today I share these techniques with people who are still struggling with the aftermath of lockdown.

Believe it or not EFT has helped me through the Menopause too. It made sense to me to use EFT whilst going through the menopause - you know Strike while the iron is hot, or perhaps that should be the flush/flash is hot, and get immediate results! It helped me through the changes in my body, the hot flushes, night sweats and lack of sleep, brain fog, and discovering who this new me is!

I love that EFT is fun!

What I love about EFT is that it's actually fun, everyone I have introduced it to starts to smile when they start tapping, some even giggle.

Some clients have said that their tapping sessions are their happy place and the feeling lasts, it's not a 5 minute wonder.

Tapping is something you can do any time, anywhere.

Some of my clients sit in their horse box at competitions and tap away using the techniques I have taught them and the scripts that we have written together to release their competition nerves, anxiety and stress.

They have told me that their competition performance has improved and they ride with a smile on their face and have a better connection with their horse; than they did before tapping.

Tapping is something you can do for anything. A few of my clients have used tapping to overcome grief and guilt when their horses have passed over, others have used it to make important decisions and some have incorporated tapping into their lives to just relax and de-stress.

What I Love About EFT / Tapping

EFT is a scientifically proven technique that works quickly and effectively. There are 100s of articles about the true effects of tapping.

I love that:

  • EFT is a trusted friend, that is always there to help and support you, anytime, any place and when there is no one else.

  • EFT often works when nothing else does.

  • It’s simple and easy to learn, no matter what your age is, and children love it.

  • EFT is simple, gentle, drug free and completely natural. No equipment needed.

Why not try it for yourself?

You may be wondering how many sessions you will need. The answer is it depends on you. There is no one size fits all.

EFT is You taking full responsibility for your healing and well-being - you are in control, you are empowered.

I have to say though that most of my clients have 1 or 2 sessions - to be really confident with their tapping technique and take away the tapping scripts that I give them, so that they can continue to work on themselves.

Some clients come back for top up sessions because they want to work on something else that is going on in their lives, or they need new tapping scripts because they want to release something that has cropped up for them.

My Goal for You!

My goal is to help you release the burdens holding you back, and to coach you to effectively use EFT on your own.

Unlike talk therapy it is not a long-term process. EFT can quickly and gently help you remove blocks and make the shifts you need to move forward.

I would love to accompany you on this journey.

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