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Ways in which your Horse is your Life Coach

If you're lucky enough to share your life with a horse, I suspect you be aware of the many ways your horse helps you on your personal journey of growth and self development.

Some of those ways are super simple as you will see from the list below, alternatively you may not have thought of the following as personal development tools given to you from your horse so they may come as a bit of a surprise:

Your Horse .....

  1. Helps you focus on something NOW and takes your mind off everything else for a couple of hours - this brings you to the present moment where your mind can just be still.

  2. Calms you down as you pet/brush him/her

  3. Is Kissable any time (!!) - especially that super soft velvety part on the muzzle

  4. Gives you the opportunity for being out in nature, and even weight lifting carrying buckets, hay bales etc (who needs a gym?)

  5. Is a companion, a life long friend and confidente

  6. Improves your fine motor skills doing up buckles and more

  7. Builds self-awareness on physical, mental and emotional levels

  8. Encourages life-long learning and humility

  9. Helps you develop calm, leadership skills

  10. Encourages congruent conversations

  11. Creates confidence - I bet you have discovered you are doing things you never thought you could

  12. Encourages responsibility (take care of your horse first)

  13. Listens for as long as you need to talk

  14. Pushes you past your fears enabling you to keep working on your personal bests

  15. Teaches you to take feedback/advice from others

  16. Develops your perseverance and the satisfaction of a job well done

  17. Shares the natural world with you

  18. Invites quietness and self reflection

  19. Teaches body language and intuitive communication

  20. Is the reason behind setting your lifelong dreams and goals - and helps you fulfill


How has your horse enriched your life and taught you something about yourself?

Comment below.

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