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The Heart of the Horse

There is something magical that happens around horses. Have you felt it? What do you think it is?

I believe it is the Heart of the horse. Why? Because the heart of a horse actually affects humans in a beneficial manner through influencing our own nervous system to calm down. The reason for this is because horses are 100% authentic!

I have witnessed clients show up for a workshop in a pent-up emotional state through being angry, depressed or experiencing a stuck sensation of grief or in a loop of negative emotions.

By spending gentle time with the horses, the repressed emotions slowly unwind and clients drop into deep, relaxed breathing. This will often release tears which assists the process of releasing and the client gains insightful realisations of what was holding them back from their personal growth.

It is a truly phenomenal experience to witness., and one that never ceases to amaze me.

Human society teaches us to put on a false smile, show up and be happy at all costs; very often in the chaos of life that is just not possible so it can be a relief to be able to show up in a real manner with a horse. Be able to safely show up in this way without being judged is hugely beneficial for a human and gives them the foundation to feel hope and whole once again.

No wonder being around horses is so restorative.

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