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Rocks in my Pocket

Rocks, or should I say crystals are grounding, afterall they are from the earth!

If you wanted to amplify that grounded feeling or even give a little intention around an animal that needs healing or assurance, you could use Crystals.

Crystals are formed in the earth and are often found combined with other minerals. Crystals hold energy, memory, and even technology.

Many use crystals to bring animals back into their body. Crystals can help to amplify good behavior, improve communication, and promote well-being.

Crystals can be used to treat physical symptoms as well, such as inflammation, migraines, muscle soreness, backaches.

You could carry them in your pocket, you could set them out on the coffee table if you were there for a brief in home visit.

  • rose quartz for emotional balance

  • citrine for self-esteem (help that shy cat come out or get the timid dog out the door)

  • calcite to support change

  • rose quartz will help with heart healing and tranquility

  • amethyst for healing in general and initiates wisdom and intuition

Everything is energy, it’s how you use your energy that counts. Hopefully, the tips in my blog posts will help you soften your energy when you need to and enable you to step into your emotional leadership for your animals.

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