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Quick Tip to Stay Calm For You & Your Animals

Life has a habit of tripping us up, taking us by surprise, or feeling chaotic at a drop of a hat. Family and relationship "stuff", money challenges, work issues, health issues, animal issues ....whatever they may be, they can kick up a lot of stress energy for people.

If you find yourself distracted by energies that are bringing you down and affecting your relationship with your animals, here is a quick tip on how to release that energy so you can be open to all of the goodness coming your way in this current moment. Trust me even in this current climate of constant change, there is goodness, we just stop seeing it for ourselves in times of stress.

Close your eyes and take a big deep breath in, hold it for two seconds, then slowly let it out. Do this four times...and as you do so...notice the stress energy dropping.

Repeat this exercise again but as you breath in say to yourself "I am" - as you breath out say to yourself "Calm". Repeat and as you do so notice how relaxed and calm you are becoming.

If a thought pops into your head, imagine that you are placing it in a bubble...and let it float away...then bring your attention back to your breath.

Notice the bottom of your feet and how connected they are to the earth, grounding and balancing you. As you continue to slowly breathe in, "I am", and slowly breath out "Calm", feel the change in your body and your energy in the current space you are occupying - right here, right now -in this moment.

All of your frustrations and other thoughts that were bringing you down - allow them to just dissolve away. You are calm and you no longer need them in this moment because you are here right now in this present moment, free from the past, free from worrying about the future - you are where you should be right here, right now in the present.

Continue to breathe in "I am", breathe out "Calm" this simple technique is always here for you, supporting you through the here and now.

When you are ready, open your eyes and take a nice deep breath in and out. You are fully present, feeling balanced and calm - well done, you made it!

This is a super simple exercise you can do in just a few minutes wherever you are. Not only will this help you this will help your animals too, as they will respond to this present state which is where they reside always, and what they try to teach us humans daily.

Take care, Chantal x

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