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Pony Whispers - What can Intuitive Animal Communication teach your children?

Updated: Mar 17

Can children’s natural love for—and curiosity about—animals be dovetailed into meaningful encounters with animals through learning animal communication?

Are encounters with animals really that important?

Do they have any real impact on children’s development?

Can intuitive animal communication workshops provide children with meaningful connections with animals?

Ever wonder why animals seem to connect so easily with children?

Perhaps it is the pure and simple truth that they BELIEVE that animals understand them, and rightly so.

Ponies and Children

It’s been my experience, and the research certainly bears it out, that animals, and horses and ponies in particular, can help children develop sensitivity to others, they can offer comfort, and they can even provide a safe sounding board for secrets and feelings that children don’t share with adults.

Animal Communication with Ponies provide opportunities for children to hone their social skills, practice care-giving and nurturing, and even to carefully explore issues of power and vulnerability.

Clearly, animals are important, but there is that extra something that ponies bring to intuitive animal communication sessions and many adults now recognize this. Not only do ponies ignite cognitive curiosity, but they also evoke emotional responses in children.

Just think about the delight a child shows upon seeing a pony at the fence, making eye contact, asking to be stroked; or running across the paddock to greet a new human friend, or sharing a few pony whispers with a child as they build a bond together.

Intuitive animal communication can include opportunities for children to connect with living animals. Horses, Ponies and Animals in general offer a unique window into another world.

Children’s relationships with animals are special, rich with meaning, and supportive of children’s development. Focusing on children’s relationships with animals encourages and expands children’s affinity for living things.

The power of caring for an animal and playing a role in the animal’s well-being through intuitive animal communication can be very meaningful for a young child as children are busy trying to understand how they are capable and competent. Giving children the opportunity to participate in meaningful caring activities for an animal such as a pony can build tremendous confidence.

Talking with animals offers children a freedom that is not always felt when speaking to adults. Adults who are concerned with teaching and helping children develop their language skills can seem more focused on the mechanics of what the child is saying than the child’s message.

Or some well-meaning adults try to help children “talk through” their problems or offer to help a child process his feelings. For children trying to navigate the already complex world of adult communication, these added pressures can discourage their speaking comfortably and freely.

In contrast, with intuitive animal communication, ponies listen without question, without demand. They hear what a child has to say and don’t press them to say anything more. The family dog doesn’t ask a child to elaborate, reason, justify, apologize, or explain. He just listens.

This can be very freeing for a child. Children know that they can tell a pet anything and it will be a safe secret. No matter how silly or insignificant a child’s feelings may seem, a receptive pet will never laugh, be dismissive, or minimize that child for having those feelings.

For many children, ponies and pets in the home, represent safety and security. They are familiar, they are safe to talk to, and they are a source of comfort and love. Because ponies are appealing and reassuring, they are often a source of comfort that children will seek out to process their feelings.

Most children are naturally intuitive and are natural at intuitive animal communication, they do it naturally from a very early age, I know I did. Pony Whispers, Animal Communication for Children and Young Adults, promotes a wholesome and fun relationship between ponies and children, that develops a child's intuitive capabilities. Pony Whispers is not just about Animal Communication; there are many benefits of children learning intuitive animal communication, including :- Empathy, compassion, communication, responsibility, confidence and teaches children that the animal's needs come first which is often a totally new mindset for children.

As Ponies, horses and animals in general communicate in a variety of ways, many of them subtle and all of them non-verbal, animal communication with ponies offers children and young adults an excellent opportunity to learn how to listen and watch for those cues.

The more attuned the child, the better their understanding of the horse and, by extension, the stronger their empathy skills. This helps to explain why young horse people grow into adults with finely tuned empathetic skills – skills that serve them well within their own human herds.

Pony Whispers Animal Communication Workshop enables children and young adults to learn to understand the emotions of ponies (which can be applied to animals in general) its abilities, its habits and character.

Being with a pony in this way, is a great education for understanding and working with humans later in life. The quiet, empathetic relationship that develops between a pony and a child, or young adult through animal communication helps them to see that being introverted or different isn’t a bad thing. Yet at the same time, it teaches them to be positively assertive, as they build confidence in non verbal communication skills.

Intuitive Animal communication can also help children and young adults learn how to deal with life's setbacks and the importance of not giving up, believing in yourself and trying again.

When we communicate with animals telepathically it allows them to clearly show us things about themselves – like their background, their health, what concerns or worries they are having and they always have messages and advice for us.

The animals in our lives can also hold up a mirror for us, function as a guide to us and make us see things in a different perspective. New doors will literally be opening up for you. My work with horses, ponies and people have certainly shown me this in real terms.

Pony Whispers Animal Communication also teaches children mindfulness and meditation techniques, how to quiet their busy minds, to just be still with the ponies and to discover what it truly means to be in the presence, and to listen and breathe.

Maybe this is why I am receiving more and more requests from adults to teach their children Intuitive animal communication - not just for the benefits of the animals in their lives but for the well-being of their children too.

To discover more about Pony Whispers Workshops click here

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