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Little Things Matter - Meditation with Horses

Horses are extremely sensitive animals, and they understand that when we use our breathing we are able to communicate with them. When we meditate, and slow down our breath to a steady rate, we can calm down our judgmental mind and find ourselves at peace with the present moment. This allows us to open up our intuitive side and to discover what true listening is really all about. It's here that we can then experience the magic of the horses responding to us. That’s when they tune in to our mindful energy, and a connection is created.

By sharing this meditation time together, and doing nothing but focusing on the here and the now, we open the door to mutual deep connection and understanding. Meditation with horses helps us to become balanced, grounded, to have a clear mind and become focused, where worries, stresses and concerns fall away.

Horses truly are tuned-in to energy and emotion. They help us create healing and calming vibrations and support us on our path to find peace in the present moment. The more we can shift into a state of stillness and the more we can just 'be', the more we can see the animals relax and draw closer to us. By meditating with animals we deepen our capacity for compassion, which we can spread and share with others, particularly our horses. This has a mutual benefit as we heal in this state of balance, so do our horses.

Every Meditation with Horses experience is unique and incredibly special, as we have the opportunity to feel more deeply, and learn something new about ourselves and the animals. Animals teach us to love unconditionally, and meditating with horses allows the space for us to open our hearts and tap into that beautiful energy.

I offer mini workshops in teaching people how to truly meditate with their horses, and to open themselves to this form of intuitive healing. If you are a yard owner, horse owner, horse rescue centre, riding school, and want to try something different or add a holistic element to your services, please get in touch.

In the meantime enjoy your day x

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