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Let's Talk Chakras - The First Chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of the torso on both humans and animals.

The exact location is at the perineum, the bit of flesh between the anus and the genitals. The colour associated with the root chakra is red. The red colour is a reflection of its role as the first chakra - the lowest vibration of the colour scale.

Red also represents vitality and life force. I always imagine the red colour to be like a Christmas Red, that lovely warm red that just feels good. The root chakra is the strongest energetic connection between an animal and the earth.

This chakra roots animals in the physical world – and that gives the animal vitality, safety, security and a sense of belonging here on the planet, and with you. The theme for Root Chakra 1 is safety and security and stability.

The first chakra also governs our tribe – the family we are born into and the family we create in our lives.

For pets and horses, the first chakra governs the birth family and events associated with their species family, and the human family they are welcomed into. This chakra’s function is going to be concerned with an animal’s safety, security and stability.

First Chakra Functions

Physically, this chakra governs the back part of the body: the hind legs, hips, tail, and the base of the spine.

On the physical level, this chakra ensures that basic survival needs are met: food, water, shelter, physical safety. This chakra also manages the important survival job of elimination - removing waste from the body.

The first chakra is also in charge of the functioning of the blood, lymph and skin as well as the immune system. All of these systems are important for the overall well-being and survival of the individual. Mentally, this chakra is all about belonging.

The thoughts associated with this chakra are along the lines of “I belong. I am safe.” Emotionally, this chakra governs whether we feel safe and secure or worried and fearful.

When this chakra is balanced, an animal will feel good in his/her body and in his/her life. They will feel grounded and calm. Spiritually, the safety and security theme plays out with a sense of belonging to a family as well as a sense of safety and vitality.

When the first chakra is balanced, an animal feels safe and secure. They are confident. They trust their survival in the world is ensured so it naturally follows that they trusts their human family, other people and other animals, and the environment. It brings a sense of belonging – to their family, and in a larger sense they have a a sense of belonging to their own life.

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