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Intuitive Animal Communication = Mindfulness for People

Updated: Mar 17

Not only does Intuitive Animal Communication teach you how to share messages with the animals in your life, it is also a great mindful practice for people.

Intuitive Animal Communication not only teaches you to connect to your intuition, to send and receive emotions, feelings, thoughts and messages with your animal - it also teaches you how to be in the present when communicating with people by using the same mindfulness techniques as you would with animals.

We miss so much in our communication with people, because we are usually never in the present moment, our minds are over thinking, our egos kick in and bring in thoughts, feelings and perceptions about what we "think" is being said or meant, instead of what is and as a result miscommunication and misinterpretation occurs which usually results in some form of conflict.

One of the side effects of learning intuitive animal communication is that you can apply the principles and teachings to other aspects of your life.

In other words it teaches you how to be more mindful in all aspects of your everyday life.

The focus of the Intuitive Animal Communication Online class, and the workshop that I teach, is to show students how to communicate with the animals by putting themselves in a state of presence – this is the major difference between humans and animals.

As humans we project fears, we wonder about the future and our egos, whereas animals don’t function in this way.

We live out of our present state because we’re not relying on nature for our food in the way we used to, which also means that we have lost our awareness to tuning into the seasons, nature and animals.

This means we are living out of a state of presence, and to communicate with the animal you have to be in a state of presence.

With Intuitive Animal Communication the connection is like a mindful/meditative state, that you need to be aware of your breath, your own presence and energy while announcing yourself to the animal.

Animals live in the present moment, and in order for you to communicate with them, you need to meet them in that present moment.

Just think how discovering how to communicate with an animal in this way, can be applied to other aspects of your life?

Quietening your ego and your confusing mindset, helps you to see what is and not what you think it is. Bringing your focus into the present moment, and focusing on the animal you are wanting to talk to - brings a sense of self acceptance within you and peace.

I offer online classes with me, via video call in Intuitive Animal Communication as well as one to one private in person workshops and group workshops, lasting around 3 hours, and my students tell me they leave on a high, with feelings of joy and presence, and a better understanding of their pet companion.

I believe that people share the need of connection and that is why animal communication is such an enlightening, fulfilling, self-accepting experience.

It really is a joyful experience. It’s such a fast easy way, there’s no spirituality that you’ve got to learn for it, there’s no techniques that nobody can do, and children can do it too, in fact anybody can do it, if they choose to.

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