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How aware are you of how you feel within this very moment?

Did you know that we are usually completely unaware that we are picking up on and mirroring the feelings of those around us.

We think we feel a certain way, but we are actually absorbing what’s around us and claiming it as our own.

Take a moment right now and check in with yourself to see how you really feel right now.

Close your eyes and breathe in slowly and deeply, then exhale. People often do not realize their breath is very shallow throughout the day, not taking enough oxygen in with the inhale and and letting enough out with the exhale. Then they wonder why they are stressed, not thinking clearly or are in a state of hypervigilance - no wonder some of us experience headaches! We aren't breathing enough! As you breathe in, count to 4 slowly, hold it for 2, then slowly exhale counting to 4.

Do this a few times whilst focusing on your breath. When you focus on your breath, you are keeping your mind from being distracted by other stuff and over thinking. Feeling better?

When you are ready check in with yourself and ask if what you are feeling right now is your feeling or something or someone else's. Your intuition, will not steer you wrong. You will feel your answer in your gut what is true for you. If it's not true for you, you will feel tense, constriction,possibly in your head rather than the centre of your body, known as the solar plexus.

Do this exercise often when you want to be aware of what are actually your feelings. This will also allow you to shed yourself of the unnecessary baggage of feelings and emotions that are not yours; thus reducing your stress levels dramatically.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Take care Chantal x

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