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Horses Reveal What is Really Inside Us

Horses show us what is really going on within us

Our horses help us connect our internal world to our external world, they expose what we try to hide inside and when we recognise this it can literally change our reality.

If you feel anxious on the inside, you will see more anxious behaviours from your horse.

If you lack confidence within yourself, you will observe more confidence lacking traits in your horse.

These may show up as aggression or being overly submissive (both expressions of lack of confidence).

By observing our horse's behaviour, we can connect to the emotions within ourselves that create resistance in our own lives.

In turn by observing our own emotions, we can identify and understand why our horses are behaving the way they are.

So next time you are with your horse, take a deep breath, quieten your mind and open your eyes to what is really going on between you both - you may be surprised.

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