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Horses Are Our Emotional Masters

The Art of Equine Guided Coaching and Healing for People., with a little horse wisdom.

Horses are masters of emotion because they process them as pure energy on a scale of different vibrations.

Notice I said different – not worse, not better.

Horses experience emotions as they were meant to be experienced, as an intake of information to allow an appropriate action, or non-action, without judgment or resistance.

Unfortunately humans do not process emotions in this way. We will spend days, weeks, months and even years ruminating in judgment and often erroneous perceptions about these emotions; which to suffering stress and anxiety.

To understand how emotions work, you first need to understand a few simple concepts of energy and vibration.

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “Everything is energy?”

It is a common one these days – more and more people are catching on to the idea that we live in a universe that is entirely made up of energy.

If everything is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, the way we experience life, and our perception of our experiences is all energy-based. You are made up of energy.

Believe it or not your emotions are energy.

The more open you are to learning the art of energy, the more you will naturally understand what your emotional self is truly saying to you.

It is not until you learn to drop your judgment, resistance, and expectation of how you believe things should be that you will connect to this magical superpower of your higher self.

And the best and most direct way to learn it's language and connecting to it is through learning the art of emotions.

It is your birthright to live and be and perceive in this way. It is how we embody the greatest version of ourselves in this experience of life, and it is how we learn to navigate the world through a completely different lens than we have ever seen it before.

Horses can show us how to work with each and every emotion that arises without feeling controlled by it.

The secret to learning how to be a master of your own emotions, just as horses are of theirs, is viewing each emotion through a lens of curiosity, neutrality, and compassion.

Horses show us how to sit with what arises and allow it to flow through us and be transformed or released.

You see, the stress in your life has something to say to you. Sure, it may feel uncomfortable, and in more intense times, it may bring you to your knees. But it is not the stress itself that we must directly address; the stress is the mere messenger of something deeper that needs to be acknowledged and healed.

Stress is an emotion, a form of energy - and stress is not the enemy, nor are any outside circumstances. The outside world does not need to affect you the way it has been.

All you need is a shift in your perspective, combined with the help of a little horse wisdom to guide you on your path to healing.

The art of equine guided coaching and healing -
Horses are emotional masters

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