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Horse Wisdom for Living Well

Stop what you’re doing. Come a little closer. Take a nice deep breath. Listen with all your senses.

Welcome to Horse Wisdom for Living Well.

Horse wisdom is subtle, potent, and filled with aha’s, new perspectives and inspired growth.

As a horse empath, intuitive animal communicator and equine inspired life coach, I have the daily pleasure of spending my days connecting with horses and their awesome people, and supporting them both with their connection with each other, how they can stay vital, and what really makes them tick.

What I have learned and keep on learning about these incredible beings never fails to blow my mind.

I’ve realized that our horses have this life thing a whole lot more figured out than most of us do.

They tend to live well balanced, relaxed, fun and connected lives. In fact, when it comes to living well, you may have a powerful teacher grazing in the paddock you visit every day!

So, my present to you, after over a decade of daily humbling interaction with the wisdom of horses, seven awesome ways they teach us to live well every day…

Do what you want to do.

Horses have no plan, no agenda. They just get up and do what they want to do and then they do the next thing they want to do. They trust themselves and the wisdom of their bodies to know what they need.

As a human, we have to do all those human things, like making money, but adding even thirty minutes a day where you follow your body’s lead is healing stuff. Your body might say, let’s put on crazy music and dance madly, or let’s have a nap, or let’s eat something nourishing and delicious.

Maybe all your body wants is a yummy bath full of epsom salts or a cuddle with your horse, or a walk in nature. Ask your body and listen deeply for the answer. Then trust it. And do it.

Share well with others.

Horses are actually really good at sharing. They seem to understand and trust that they’ll get what they need. There are some exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, we can learn a lot about sharing from our horses.

Just watch them. They share affection easily, they share their joy and their love. Humans, as a rule, are not so good at sharing. But sharing does the body and the heart a world of good.

It is a powerful form of connection, a way to give what you’ve got, share your gifts and lift others up just by being you. And that always feels wonderful doesn't it.

This is about a sharing that creates what I like to call “The Feel Good Effect” – people just feel awesome after.wards. That might look like telling your best friend you love them to bits and sharing all the reasons why.

It might look like sharing some space, some inspiring conversation and a laugh. Maybe it’s inviting a dear friend over for a beautiful meal. It all feels so darn good and is an essential part of living well.

Move your body.

Move your body often, in lots of different ways.

Almost all horses love to move. They know it is amazing for circulation and lymphatic flow which makes movement amazing for digestion and immune function.

Or more likely, they do it because moving freely feels so good, naturally stretching tight or restricted muscles, balancing the structural system, opening meridian channels, balancing hormones and getting energy flowing.

I’ll often find myself doing random stretches, dancing around the kitchen, or walking around the field and paddocks with my horses.

Make it fun and interesting. Mix up your movement, combining stretching, free form, and a blood pumping type stride, you could even practice your mindful, intuitive animal communication whilst you are out with your horse or pet, or with the wild birds and animals around you.

Just like your horses, let your movement be expressive and listen to your body. It knows just what it needs.

Chase things.

Alright, I’m not saying that you need to start hunting down sticks or anything. But, I think there is definitely something to be said for the tenacity with which horses focus on what they want. So the horse's wisdom and advice is always chase your dreams and chase them with unshakable tenacity. There are not many things that are more empowering for the soul and enriching for your well-being.

Open your heart.

There is no one more qualified than the horse to share this relevant lesson.

Over and over again they forgive our humanness and the many mistakes that tend to go with it. They love us anyways, unconditionally.

Horses pick their people and then stand by their side through thick and thin. They teach us about connection and accepting ourselves and being vulnerable. They share about the power of self love.

They help us look in the mirror so we can see our awesomeness. Just to stop all that judgment and take the pressure off to be perfect. Allow the wisdom of the horse to help you love yourself just as you are.

There is a whole lot of wellness in that one powerful move. Plus, opening your heart enhances circulation, builds vitality and fosters amazing connections with the people who are worthy of your precious open heart.

Feel deeply.

Horses can’t help but feel. I believe that this is big part of their wisdom for us – teachings on how to open up to really feeling your feelings. I’m not going to lie, feeling deeply can feel like a blessing and a curse. Because when you open up to feeling you can’t be choosy.

These feelings can be all encompassing and some of them can be uncomfortable. But they can also open up amazing spectrums of experience yet explored.

When you let yourself feel and honour and breathe through those feelings, amazing things happen. Things like feeling lighter, freer, more present and definitely, more vital.

Often we stuff and store our feelings and emotions, which can create all sorts of issues in our bodies and minds, often taking the spark out of life.

I am going to make a bold statement here and say that being in touch with your feelings and knowing how to work with them in a healthy way will change your life and how you live it.

And here’s a few more goodies from horses about how to live well.

  • Breathe fully.

  • Trust your body.

  • Set healthy boundaries.

  • Allow yourself to grieve.

  • Demand cuddles.

  • Express yourself.

  • And there are countless others.

Each horse is beautifully unique and once you start paying attention, you’ll be amazed at all the creative ways they share their wisdom. All you need is a little humility, a healthy dose of humour and an open mind. The Horses Gurus will take it from there. x

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