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Honouring your animal .... when it's time.

I was at my local vet's this morning to have a chat about the benefits of working with a Pet Loss Counsellor and whilst I was there, 3 clients came in, to be given bad news about their beloved companion. I have never fully appreciated the personal toll giving such news takes on a vet, until now. We all know what a toll it takes on the pet's family, but you somehow think that the vet becomes almost "used" to the process - but this isn't the case.

I really wanted to do something for everyone involved - losing a beloved animal companion is never easy, but in those moments wouldn't it be wonderful if through our tears and pain we can find a way of honouring everything that our companion means to us? Working as an Animal Reiki Practitioner and using meditation as part of my support work, I found myself offering to open a space for everyone involved to join, to honour the pets that were crossing over this morning.

At first I was really surprised at how receptive everyone was and as I went from room to room supporting those who were losing their best friend, I felt humble and deeply honoured to open a healing space for all those involved to begin the honouring of their best friend with gratitude, love and whole-heartedness - even the vets got involved.

We all shared a bubble of reiki light to share the love that they had for their departing animals, and in that bubble of reiki light, all of their love and gratitude for the unconditional love their companions had brought to their lives was poured into it. The owners were able to the love that they felt, into their hearts and send it out to their animals as they passed, making that moment of transition calm, peaceful and oh so beautiful. Their companion passed knowing how loved and appreciated it is.

There was no need to expect anything, no need to fix anything, there was no pity or worry just unadulterated love and gratitude.

The owners expressed peace at the moment of loss, gratitude at the moment of passing and in going forward they have powerful, peaceful memories about the decision they made with the vet's help.

When I got home I sat for an hour, with my pup sleeping on my lap as I pondered on what happened and what I had witnessed and the simple beauty of animal reiki.

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