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Healing Inner Wounds with Horses

I work with many horses and their humans who have experienced trauma in their lives.

Somehow these two souls find their way to each other and begin a journey of healing.

In my experience, I find both horse and their human to be fiercely loyal and protective, but they have pushed down their emotional pain, and their vulnerability along with it, to the extent that both are un-grounded.

Both experience neck and shoulder tension as this area is where they hold most of their energy.

Then there is a depletion of energy in their lower back and hips which often results in physical problems there too.

Horse and owner have unhealed feelings of betrayal and are overprotective of themselves and others. Is this you? Is this your horse? Am I striking a chord within you?

You and your horse may be more similar than you think!

Your horse's actions may be mirroring yours, something that you do not want to acknowledge, or look at.

This is a gift. It is the gift of releasing and letting go and your horse is here to be your guide.

Healing for Horses helps and supports animals and their humans release these inner wounds and create a new reality ~ together.

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