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Have you ever written a letter to your beloved pet?

Have you ever written a love letter to your beloved animal? When my horse died I was grief stricken. ... I had lost my horse soul mate, my safe place, my non judgmental best friend. I struggled to deal with my overwhelming feelings and so one day I decided to write him a letter telling him all the things I wanted to say to him, telling him how much he meant to me, telling him now grateful I am for having him in my life, sharing his life, love and wisdom with me. My letter ran into pages as I poured my heart out. When I had finished I signed it, sealed it in an envelope with a kiss. It remains sealed to this day.... at the moment I do not feel the need to open it and read it, my intention was for Harvey to know how I feel about him, and what he means to me, from my soul. I wanted to share with him what I maybe didn't fully express to him, even though I believe he knew all along. Afterwards I felt better I had said all I wanted to say. Writing a letter to help with your grief is a wonderful way of expressing your true feelings especially when a passing is sudden and you feel like you couldn't say goodbye. If you are struggling with a loss of your beloved friend, I'm here to help x

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