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Energy is your animal's superpower!

Animals read energy better than anyone. Their instinct is wired to survive and reading energy is part of that survival. I’d call it their superpower. When we walk through the door after a busy day, our first intention should be to walk in the door as the calm, cool, collected emotional pet guardian.

We should leave all of our troubles behind, or at least at the door. Well that is our intention but in reality it doesn't always happen. This is when we will appear "off" to our pets. When we are “off” or in a mood, our animals know it. Very often our being "off" results in our animals being “off” or anxious, which simply compounds the situation. This very often looks like our animals mirroring our emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

So what can we do about this? First of all you can check your polarity. Polarity is one of the universal laws. Everything has a polarity, it could be defined as the law of opposites or contrasts.

It’s also described as the relevant direction of the poles, the direction of the electric and magnetic current. Certain things throw our polarity off such as coming home feeling anxious, nervous, stressed, etc.

And our animals they read energy, and they feel our polarity - this particular electrical vibration which will put them ill at ease.

There is a simple technique you can do to balance and ground:

  • Take your first two fingers and swipe across your forehead 6-8 times from right to left.

If you see the animal is uneasy and you are safe to touch the animal on the head, you could ground their polarity also by:

  • Take your first two fingers and swipe across their forehead from left to right if you are facing them, if you are standing above them in the same direction as they are, then you would swipe from right to left as you have done on yourself.

Another Exercise is Just Being

Easier said than done, I know, but practising is so worth it. “Just being” with our animals is one of the most profound things you can do. Take a moment to drop into your heart, feeling your heart chakra, noticing your breath and allowing the day to slide off will have amazing benefits for you and the animals in your care.

Eventually, you will both settle. That is what this exercise in "Just Being" is all about - it is a meditative space where you and your animal "just settle".

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