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Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

Did you know that the majority of horse owners and riders struggle with limiting beliefs that keep them from being what they’re truly capable of at some time or another. It’s just a matter of degree. The good news is that any limiting belief can be released, and the fastest, most effective way to do that is with EFT tapping. EFT Tapping? Yeah, I know it’s weird. But whilst it’s considered by some to be woo; the true fact is, it has dozens of clinical studies to back it up, with more rolling in every month. So do you want to dramatically increase your confidence as a horse rider or owner in record time? Use EFT tapping to release your limiting beliefs. I'm being serious. It works, and it will up-level your confidence (and your life) faster than you can say, "I doubled my riding practice this year."

Regardless of what your goals are for your horse riding or horse ownership, limiting beliefs are nearly always going to be a part of the picture.

Let’s look at some of the detrimental effects that limiting beliefs can have on your horse riding / horse ownership:

  • Not going after goals because you’re convinced you’ll fail

  • Not going after goals because you're afraid something bad will happen if you succeed

  • Low self-esteem and/or confidence

  • Being burdened by fears based on limiting beliefs

  • Being shackled by limiting beliefs that cause an inability to take necessary actions toward achieving your goals

  • Imposter syndrome

Finding and Releasing the Hidden Roots of Your Limiting Beliefs

Like most other inner blocks to success, like fears, and self-doubt, limiting beliefs often have roots that need to be uncovered, identified, and released before the belief(s) they gave rise to can be successfully removed. An example of a root of a limiting belief is someone’s mum telling her as a child that horse riding isn’t good enough and she shouldn't be a rider. This is a painful experience, which instantly becomes the life-long limiting belief, “I’m not good at riding horses and shouldn't be around horses.” As you can imagine, this is not a helpful belief for a horse rider to have, because almost all horse owners and riders have to do at least some riding at some point even if it is just hacking out with a friend.

I see this limiting belief in many of my clients, and it leads to things like: Horse Rider's Fear, procrastination, inconsistent communication with themselves and others, stress, fear, and low confidence around anything that requires being around horses. Though the mum in this example may have been well-intentioned, the result for her daughter is pain, low confidence in her riding and horsemanship abilities, and a firm belief that she’s not a good enough, and never will be. To remove the limiting belief, “I’m not good at riding,” it will almost certainly be necessary to heal the painful memory that caused the belief, so that it feels totally peaceful, causing no stress, upset, shame, embarrassment, or anger. The next step is to tap out the belief itself until it is a zero, meaning that it simply no longer feels true. Once the woman in this example is free from the belief, horse riding will automatically stop being a struggle for her, and she may even come to enjoy it. Also, her horse riding is likely improve; that’s because nothing is holding her back and like everything else—the more you do it, the better you get at it, the more you enjoy it.

If any of the above feels true for you - get in touch! I have some appointments still available for the end of February and March.

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