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Are You Blocking Your Intuition?

I know that you are aware that you have some form of intuition, and that it is a sense (like one of the five senses) and does exist.

However I bet you are not using it on a regular basis, or perhaps you feel that your intuition is elusive and evasive, (I hear you as I have been there too). Or maybe there are some limiting factors that block it?

Our 5 senses such as taste, touch, sight and smell are very easy to trust, we use them everyday. However intuition is more subtle, tends to be forgotten about except in times of emergency, where it comes through very strongly and is impossible to ignore., and very often ignites all your other senses at the same time.

I think the reason why we forget about our sense of intuition is because it is easy to ignore, as it is so subtle; and also because we live such busy, often chaotic and stress filled lives, we stop paying attention and our intuition is blocked.

There are I believe 3 key factors to blocking our intuition and I have from time to time myself had to work with all three. Let me share a bit about each of them.

1. Our Analytical Mind

Our analytical mind became the leader when we were at school and it does work hard to see things from a rational, figure things out almost scientific view point and that is one of the main blocks to intuition. Like the emotion Love, which cannot be measured scientifically and does not always make sense - neither does intuition. Intuition is not rational nor scientific so we do not always trust it; and instead we use logic and make decisions on what we think is correct. Intuition is knowing beyond our logical mind.

2. Our Ego

Listening to our ego is a huge block to the intuition. Our ego is the part of ourselves that is very small, very un-enlightened, very self-centered, and usually negative.

Our ego approaches the world from a place of fear, and sees everything and everyone as a potential threat.

Overcoming our ego is extremely difficult to do. It can get so loud at times that it drowns out any and all intuitive guidance. It’s that voice in your head that just chatters on and on, thinking about other people, worrying, feeling hurt and self-important and judgmental. Our ego is distracting, and disconnects ourselves from who we really are.

One of the ways in which I address whether or not it is my ego talking or my intuition I ask one simple question - "Is this a feeling of knowing (intuition sense) or a voice and feeling of negativity, fear and stress (ego)?" I usually find my intuition tells me the answer.

3. Other People’s Opinions

It is almost impossible to not be influenced by others. One of the biggest factors that blocks our intuition is asking for the opinion of others. Sometimes it’s not even asking for their opinion, but rather doing things that you would think that they would approve of – sometimes knowingly, and sometimes just automatically, by nature of habit.

We often, when faced with a decision, will ask other people what they think. After all why not ask others for advice?

The problem with this is that, they don’t know any more than you do, so trusting their opinions over the voice of your intuition can result in decisions that might not be for your highest good. Remember they are not you, they are not on your life journey, they are not in the same position as you.

if you’re interested in learning to develop and trust your intuition, you must follow your own guidance, and not that of other people.

Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know. ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo

A body of research reveals that intuition can be not only faster than reflection but also more accurate. We're fairly good at judging people based on first impressions, so why are we not using our intuition in other areas of our lives.

Intuition is very subtle, soft, and quiet. In order to listen to it and follow its guidance, we have to learn how to quiet the mind, release the desperate need of the ego to be right, and stop asking others what they think about our decisions and our lives.

Intuition is a very personal thing, and while it is one of the basic senses we are all equipped with, it is also practical, and a spiritual, sense.

What your intuition wants for you may not be what someone else’s intuition may want. If you want to follow your intuition and let it help you lead a happier, more peaceful life, you must give it a chance to show you what it can do for you.

Make the conscious decision to listen to and trust your intuition first, before worrying about the limiting factors – like feeding your ego, and talking to other people.

Your intuition is here for you, and once you decide to give it a chance, it will definitely start to work for you.

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