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Animal Chakras

Chakras are the energy centres in our animals’ bodies that govern every aspect of their lives.

Understanding your animal's personal chakras is the key to supporting your animals and helping them thrive.

The challenges you face with your animals – whether it is behavioural, physical or emotional – has a root cause in your animal’s energy field.

When you discover that the energy surrounding an animal can bring either harmony or upset, you hold the key to resolving almost any issue that you will face as an animal caregiver.

Understanding the signs of chakra imbalance and how to fix them is at the heart of what will empower you to take charge of your animal’s well-being and the peace and happiness of your whole family.

My mission in the work that I do to support your horses, and in the classes I teach, is to empower you to have a holistic understanding of your animal, their mental and emotional health and overall well-being. 

When you understand your animal's chakras, whether it is a horse, dog, cat or whatever you care for, you unlock their potential to be happy, healthy, well-balanced individuals!

This work is based on the principle that we can heal and change and animals can heal and change. Energy is both the road-map and the blueprint for that change to happen.

When you change the energy, you also see changes in every aspect of your life and your animal’s life.

Everything is energy. This means that we are energy, the car we drive is energy and the plants and animals around us are all energy. Nature and the Seasons are all energy.

Energy is the fundamental building block of everything. This has changed the way all scientists from physicists to botanists approach and understand the world.

As animal lovers, this also changes the way that we can approach and understand ourselves and our animal companions.

Our lives and those of our animals have 5 components - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.  All five levels of are interconnected. This means that progress on one level supports progress on all other levels.

Chakras manage all aspects of our lives and our animals lives through an organised system of energy flow within ours and our animals' bodies.

Chakras are the energetic glue that holds the other four levels together, for ourselves and our animals.

Understanding chakras, and our energetic systems helps us recognise, understand, and resolve related imbalance issues and challenges that might not seem connected – but they are.

Do you want to discover more to benefit yourself and your animals?

I offer Animal Chakra Healing Classes

and Chakra Balancing Sessions for Your Horse and You

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