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An Empathy Based Approach to Animal Healing & Communication

I believe that the role of healing practitioners - whatever their specific training, expertise or position - involves a sacred trust in which the healer holds the space for client to find their own way.

I believe that a healer's role is to shed light on another's path, not to push them onto the path we think they should take, or to even gently tell them which path to take. It is the same with offering healing energy - it is not the healer's role to direct or tell the receiver or the energy where to go or what to do.

A healer's job is to shed light, lovingly, empathically and skillfully, to help others find their own self-healing way.

Whatever skills, gifts, abilities or healing modalities we have to offer, they must be given only with the permission of the client, whether it is human or animals and must fit the needs and goals of the client.

You may ask how does a healer know what the goals of an animal client are? The animal will tell you if you allow yourself to truly listen with an open heart and a clear, open mind. From my own personal experience the majority of time the goal of the animal is to be truly heard, accepted and understood, in the each moment and not used as a tool to complete someone else's agenda.

I believe a healer for animals approach is a client-centered, empathy based approach to animal communication, animal healing and grief support..

Healers do their best work when they meet clients where they are, not where we are, or where we want them to be or think they should be.

Our spiritual maturity and poise as healers, our ability to create a healing presence and to help our clients truly grow and heal is heightened when we refrain from imposing our judgments, values or favorite healing modalities and solutions, and rather, trust in the wisdom of the other being's soul and ability to heal as we offer our knowledge, skills and abilities.

As healers, particularly with animals we should be authentic: remain humble and genuine without creating a hierarchy or barriers based on roles, titles, position, degrees, expertise or any other differences, etc.

When we have specific healing modalities to share, doing so in a client-centered, empathy-based manner opens the client to receiving and using what we offer far more effectively than when we simply assume we know what they need and impose our tools.

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