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Activate your Intuition by Balancing & Grounding Your Energy

Your intuition is an valuable sense, just like your other five senses - sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Intuition works with your other five senses in order to provide you with information that’s not obvious in the analytical, 3-dimensional, physical world.

Intuition works with energy, an unseen force that everything is comprised of and you are a part of. Therefore, the more balanced and grounded your energy is, the easier it will be to activate your intuition.

Eat, Drink, and Rest

Being balanced and grounded is not just a state of mind, it’s a complete state of being. In order to be in a calm, clear, balanced and grounded state, you will need to be well-rested and well-fed, so be sure to get plenty of deep sleep, and eat a nutritious, healthy, diet.

Energy flows more fluidly when you’re hydrated, so be sure to drink plenty of water.

Get plenty of exercise

Your body is comprised of cells, atoms, and molecules that are constantly in action. In order to stay balanced, you need to make sure your body is well cared for – and that means you must have some form of daily exercise. Do yoga, swim, walk, jog, cycle – whatever it is you really love to do – and your body will naturally become grounded and feel good. Oh and yes, spending quality time with your horses, poo-picking the field, mucking out etc is all exercise.

Try to clear your mind when you exercise, even if it is mucking out, etc, and focus on how your body feels in response to the movement it is doing. Your energy will balance itself and you’ll be in an ideal state to notice your intuition when it comes through

Avoid Negative Energy

Your intuition is really adversely affected by dissonant, or negative energy. That means that in order to activate it, you have to avoid things that make you feel bad.

Stay away from dark, angry, gossipy, negative people. Don’t watch bad news or horror shows or movies.

Avoid places that are not good for your vibration; your intuition will tell you what those places are, or just notice if your energy goes up, or goes down, when you are in certain environments.

Spend time in nature

The energy of the earth is very healing to the human vibration, and it makes sense that too much time in loud, noisy, polluted cities can harm intuition.

Try and go to nature. Sit under the trees and listen to the leaves blow in the wind. Look at the ocean, river, or lake.

Notice the feelings in your body when you’re away from the noise of everyday life.

Spending time in nature really helps activate your intuition, as it aligns your body with healthy earth energy.

I spend 5 to 10 minutes each day, in the field with my horses, practising my intuition exercises and I love how well it makes me feel. Try it - your horse's response may surprise you.

Focus on your feet

Do you ever feel just "off", or disconnected from your body, you live in your mind day to day, and feel depleted and exhausted? Then you know you’re unbalanced when you feel like this. This is your Intuition giving you a wake up call.

Many un-grounded people aren’t even technically connected to their bodies; they’re sort of “out to lunch.” My clients who feel that way are always shocked and surprised at how disconnected they were, before a healing session with me and their horse. They find themselves having many "Aha" moments as they realise that they were not just disconnected from themselves but from everything and everyone around them.

The more you ground yourself and reconnect yourself with you, you will call your spirit home, and your spirit will help you activate your intuition, as your spirit is the purely energetic version of yourself – the essence of who you are.

One of the easiest ways to get grounded is to focus on your feet. Stomp them, or wiggle your toes. Move your hands and fingers. Look at your feet. Look at your hands. Look into your eyes in the mirror. Put your hand over your chest and say “I am (your name).” Then do the same with your head. This will ground you instantly.

State of Being – To activate your intuition

Intuition doesn’t work very well when you’re in a state of fear, worry, or stress.

It works best when you’re calm, centered, balanced, grounded, and in the present moment. Spend time noticing what’s going on around you; paying attention to details in the room or environment you’re in, and notice what people are really doing and saying.

This will keep you very aware and alert. Then, when you work to activate your intuition, you’ll be at a very easy place to notice it, to easily pay attention, and to act on the guidance that you receive.

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