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10 Reasons why you should discover animal communication for yourself and they are not what you think

Updated: Mar 17

Believe me, getting introduced as a "horse whisperer" by family and friends gets old very quickly, which is usually followed by weird looks and glibe comments. However there are some surprising bonuses that come with developing your ability to communicate with animals – and they are not what you think!

So, before I go into the surprising bonuses let's take a quick look at this thing called Animal Communication that so many people are wondering about?

People are animals too! We often forget that point.

Before we decided that we were all superior with our technology, gadgets, and material stuff we too had to listen to the Earth, Animals and natural cycles in order to to survive.

This natural instinct or intuition is the place where animal communication happens and it’s a part of our brain that most of us don’t exercise in our busy modern lives so it declines.

However it can be re-awakened and strengthened as we learn how to once again listen.

So here are the benefits of activating & using this most basic and fundamental part of yourself:

1. Stress relief:

Animals are always doing what comes naturally to them and doing it without shame or constraint. That’s why we love to hang out with them. We have realised that in order to overcome the stress in our lives we need to take a long hard look at our self care, which we usually forget about. The the best approach is through a more natural approach. Why? Because it’s better for us. Because our bodies and minds need certain things and without them we get stressed. The ability to listen to nature, makes sense, because of our need to feel deeply empathically connected to life on this Earth - this is a vital ingredient missing in many of our lives.

2. Listening skills:

Communication isn’t just about being able to telepathically tell your dog to stop barking at the postman. Most of us don't actually listen when someone is talking to us. We are usually thinking about what we are going to say next.

Animal communication is about listening on a such a deep level that your agenda and your judgment must be removed.

Normally when we communicate with another person, our projections and ego get in the way - we stop listening.

Learning the natural art of Animal Communication improves your listening skills. Just think of the implications for your listening skills with your partner, your children, your employees or work colleges. You may even find you understand your mother in law better… Who Knew!

3. Sleep:

When we engage in this type of work our brainwave frequencies change.

We don’t pick up the information in a highly alert way, it's more in a half daydream state. As adults, we often lose this as part of our daily brain activity and as a result can find it hard to move between wakeful and sleeping states.

This in between Alpha brainwave is really important in making the transition into sleep as much as it is for intuitive “receiving”.

As an animal communicator I spend a lot of time in this in between frequency and as a result find it much easier to transition into being fully awake and deeply asleep. Over the years my sleep patterns have improved and my sleep can be deeply recharging.

4. More Creativity:

Did you know that your intuition and imagination are the same thing. What?!? I hear you say.

Have you ever wondered where your imagination comes from? You see the creative right side of your brain sees the world a little differently, it's the intuitive side of you and has some interesting perspectives on what is going on that usually doesn't get a voice, because we shut it down.

Our left brain likes things to make sense and for a lot of us runs the show or sensors what the right brain contributes to our lives to make it “fit”.

Letting your right brain out of the closet and getting your intuition involved is not just a vital key in animal communication but an added benefit in our everyday lives. We can all use a little creativity in our lives.

5. Meditation Sorted! Yay!!

Do you find meditation tedious, boring and difficult? Yep me too until i discovered animal communication.

Animal communication has all the vital ingredients to give you that meditation high in a much more interesting way.

You see it changes your brainwave state, especially when you are learning, you are taking quiet time out to practice. Some of the exercises include breathing, visualization, stillness, self awareness… It is a communion with self, animals, nature and the universe and improves your brain function. You're welcome!

6. Build trust in yourself:

People often misunderstand where their intuition comes from. It doesn’t magically come from your spiritual third eye opening. It comes from your gut and your ability to trust it.

Many of us have intuitive flashes or feelings that never get vocalized or acted on. If we don’t honour those hunches or feelings we can never validate or build a trusting relationship with our intuition and ourselves.

Learning animal communication is a wonderful way to dive into your intuition with open hearts and the assistance of our animal friends.

Whether you practice animal communication or not, your animals are already attuning you to this.

We as their guardians have an uncanny way of knowing something is wrong even before the vet does, and they certainly intuitively tell us if they want the toilet or a treat. How do we know the difference from the same puppy dog eyes expression? We’ve trusted our gut and had it validated many times.

For women, in particular trusting our gut feelings and our ability to act on them is a powerful natural advantage that can be and should be expanded on.

7. Healing:

I have said this many times and I am going to say it again - Animals are healers and teachers! Without question they do this every day with or without our conscious awareness or acknowledgement.

They wait for us to become aware and to take the time to notice and when we do, the results are exponential.

Animal Communication is all about listening, truly listening - this leads to understanding, which leads to permission to heal and move on, and this is how we heal the parts of ourselves that need healing.

My Students often reveal that discovering the self awareness process of how to be the best possible listener, free them from old human cultural belief systems, frees them from judgment and bias and they experience self healing.

I believe this healing exchange which can be physical, emotional, and spiritual is almost always a 2 way exchange between our animals and ourselves and comes about when we see, hear and take the time to feel the connection between us.

Giving honour to my animal teachers and healers is the greatest gift of love I can give them and is a way to more deeply receive their gifts in my life.

8. Nurture your inner child:

Animals strip away the adult in us all and take us back to a time in our life where connection, love, fun and affection were so much easier.

I really did talk to animals as a child, largely due to the fact that Johnny Morris, Animal Magic, and my favourite childhood books told me it was possible.

Even as an adult it is possible. We all need that little bit of magic, fun and frivolity in our lives. Nurturing your inner child helps us get through the daily grind. Being a grown up with an inner child belief that talking to your pets is possible; is just magical and trust me when I say, your animals will prove you right more often than not.

9. We learn to go with the flow:

Ok I am going to let you into a secret here. Humans have a need to control all aspects of their lives, and when they can't do that - stress, anxiety, frustration and all that entails creeps in and takes hold. We then jump onto the merry go round of control, as we desperately try to regain control of our lives, thus increasing the stress, anxiety, frustration etc.

The secret I share is that hanging out with animals and learning new stuff such as animal communication is the ultimate way to let go of the need to control things.

Animals will hold space for you not to skip any step or rush ahead or do the human control thing as you go through your learning and self discovery process.

You see you never know what’s going to happen, you never know how things will turn out or even if you achieve what you want and you will come up against all the barriers and frustrations that limit you. And whilst you go through all of this, the animals are there, holding open the space of acceptance, love and healing.

Discovering how to let go of control through animal communication is a truly wonderful thing because your mind and body relaxes, and you take a deep breath and realise that everything is ok, the world is still spinning and you are still alive and thriving (even though you may not always feel like you are). You come into your presence and the present moment and reach an Aha moment!

Animals truly are four legged personal development gurus waiting and holding space for your “Aha!” moment and breaking you through to a new way of flowing with life.

10. Experience Oneness:

Seriously, we are all connected - remember people are animals too! Listening and feeling that connection enables us to truly understand that oneness is possible by receiving wisdom and healing from the animals that cross our paths. This is the way to be the change you want to see in the world.

We are all different and unique, as species and individuals, but we are also inexplicably linked.

Make your daily exchanges with your beloved animals a deeper acknowledgement of that and this will make your life and home a better place, and change the way we as a society treat each other and the Earth.

Your animals love and believe in you which is why their species made contracts with humanity to open our hearts, to guide us and teach us.

The only question is are we ready to learn?

There is still much to learn from our animals and growing our communication with them is an amazing way to activate that learning.

We live in a time where the skill that is communicating with animals is becoming more the norm, and as a result is striding forwards in leaps and bounds.

So how do you learn?

A great way is to take an introductory (or refresher) workshop to learn the foundation of communicating with animals. This will strengthen your intuitive muscles, build your confidence and give you a chance to meet other animal communication adventurers!

If my words resonate with you, I offer private one to one Animal Communication Workshops, online classes with me in person, and I will happily host Animal Communication Workshops for you and your friends and associates.

All you need to do is get in touch.

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