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All of my classes are "learn while actually doing" classes, meaning you are lovingly guided to jump right in and start conversing with animals straight away. In your first conversation, you will be amazed at the profound difference you are able to make for animals.

Experiencing their joy and satisfaction in being heard, known, and understood is a beautiful, and deeply touching experience.

Private Online Class  -  Comprehensive Animal Communication Class

What if you could listen to your pet's thoughts, and actually understand them?  What if your dog could tell you about his day, or you could comfort your horse about the vet's visit, or what the farrier was doing?   What if you could reassure your pet's anxieties, or tune into your equine friend to ask what they needed to feel healthy?  You can and I will show you how to breakthrough your barriers to communicate with your pets and other animals.


Every animal lover has the ability to become a confident Intuitive Animal Communicator. With this online class complete with detailed, practical manual I will guide you to unlock your full potential for intuitive inter-species communication.  Imagine turning on your intuitive abilities anytime you want, trusting yourself and the messages you receive from animals, and using animal communication to help pets, rescue animals and wildlife.

In this class I teach you the fundamentals of Intuitive Animal Communication that will not only get you started on your Intuitive Animal Communication journey but with practice will put you on the path of being a professional animal communicator.

What You Will Get with this class

You will get between 2 and 3 hours of quality one to one tutoring with me, via video call (usually via Skype or Facebook Video Messenger), where I share with you the foundational steps and techniques to Intuitive Animal Communication.  In this hands-on class you will learn intuitive communication by doing it, (we don't sit and read the manual together - we work on the practical exercises from the very start).   We will work with photographs of animals that I own, and if they are willing, my dog and cat, in person, and with your animals at home. 


You will discover by doing simple, verifiable exercises that intuitive animal communication is real and that you can do it easily.  You will receive a comprehensive manual to accompany this online class which includes exercises to increase your intuition and covers the exercises that we will do together.   At the end of your private class you will have the foundational skills in animal communication that you can build on and practice on your own, getting you started on your path as an Intuitive Animal Communicator.   No previous experience is required.  You can talk to animals and get answers, so why not get started today!

The cost of this Private Online Tutoring Class is £100.00

A £40 non-refundable deposit is required for each workshop at the time of booking, which will release the manual to you at the time of payment.

To Book or for more information click on the button opposite.



 Private Online Tutoring - Energy Healing for Animals & Animal Chakra Healing Complete Package Class

Imagine having a holistic approach to healing your pets and ensuring their overall well-being that you can apply yourself.


With this practical online class, you will unlock your pets’ potential to be happy, healthy, well-balanced individuals!

In this class you will discover, understand and address your pet’s needs in a confident manner, without frustrating trial and error, and uncertainty and doubt.

I will teach you how to re-awaken your own Energy Healing Abilities for working on your own pets and animals and how to work intuitively.   Sometimes referred to as Intuitive Healing,  "Energy Healing" which means directing energy to promote healing and well-being.  I believe that everyone can heal with energy, just as everyone can communicate with animals intuitively.  We are born being able to do this.   


Everyone has healing hands, but we don't always know about this ourselves.  Any technique that results in healing in the body involves balancing and strengthening energy.  When you and your animal's energy is balanced and strong, you are in optimum health.

You will also learn where the 8 major chakras are located and what they can and can’t do, how animal chakras are the same as (and different from!) human chakras, how chakra health affects the physical and emotional health of your pets.  By the end of the class you will be able to recognise when your pet’s chakras are out of balance – and what to do about it!  You will discover simple ways to connect with your pet and balance their chakras (it’s not what you think!); and why early life traumas may still affecting your pet today.


I want to empower you to have a holistic understanding of your pet, their mental and emotional health, and overall wellbeing.

What You Will Get In This Class

This is a 3 hour online class.   This class is a private one to one class by video call, with me personally where I teach you my favourite tools and techniques.  Two comprehensive manuals accompanies this class, one on Intuitive Animal Healing and the other on Animal Chakra Healing which will enable you to refresh your memory on what has been taught, and allow you to practice all the tools and techniques to develop your own personal animal chakra healing skills.

The cost of this Private Online Tutoring Class is £125.00

(or £175 for 2 classes if you book the Intuitive Animal Communication Class at the same time, and your classes can be taken on different days).

A £40 non-refundable deposit is required for each class at the time of booking, which will release the manual(s) to you at the time of payment.

To Book or to Contact Me for more information click on the button opposite.                     

Wild Icelandic Horses
“I really enjoyed my online animal communication workshop.  I love how I received the manual at the time of booking, and on the day we got straight into animal communication techniques.  My workshop was just chock full of practical techniques and I loved every minute - well worth it.  I have been able to communicate with my and my friends' animals since.  Great job.”

Alex Fennel - Sussex

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