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Horse Energy Balancing And Healing

Being able to lighten the emotional load and restoring balance for your horse is what drives me to do what I do.

Healing for your horse releases emotions trapped in the body that have created adverse behaviour patterns, created physical tension, and treats your horse's anxiety.  This not only moves your horse away from stress emotions and behaviour problems - it moves you both towards alignment, purpose and ease, and develops a deeper bond. 


It is a gentle, non-invasive way of supporting your horse and can be particularly helpful when you cannot get to the root cause of your horse's problem.  

Once these emotions have been released, your horse will feel physically lighter, tension disappears, and noticeable changes in behaviour become apparent.

I have witnessed excellent results employing energy work with rescue horses, previously abused horses, or one that has had several past owners, and needs help in clearing ingrained patterns of fear or aggressiveness.  Energy healing can assist with restoring confidence and bringing the horse back into its body as an active participant in its own life.

Another way to think about it is - If you were happy, relaxed and stress free, how do you think you would behave? How would you tackle life's challenges?  You would finally step into being the best version of yourself, it is the same for your horse.


I specialize in working with physical and emotional pain and limitation, trauma, anxiety and stress in your horse, and navigating death and dying, and helping your horses heal the past in a healthy way.  As an Animal Energy Practitioner and Animal Intuitive, I bring intensive knowledge and understanding of anatomy, bodywork, energy healing, and inter-connectivity to each session.

All Horse Energy Healing sessions are done in person, or remotely.  Sessions are typically 1-hour in length.  I look forward to working with you and your horse family! 


I offer one-on-one sessions both in person and remotely, group workshops, and online classes in Whole Horse Well-Being and Healing. 

If you are ready to book Head Here .....    

The Above Sessions are either In Person I travel to where you are based within a 30 mile radius of CW8 1RW   A face-to-face session usually lasts for one hour and is for you and one horse only.  You are welcome to make multiple bookings for the same household or yard, and I would ask that you contact me at the time of booking, to advise me if there are multiple bookings, as a discount may apply.


Remote sessions can be booked remotely for your horse - session details by email and are approximately one hour.  I will need a good quality photograph where I can see your horse face, eyes and body.  If you wish the Remote Healing Session to include you, the horse's carer, please provide a photograph of both of you.

Important: This work is never a substitute for veterinary care – please reach out to your local veterinarian if you have concerns about your Horse’s well-being.

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