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Horse Wisdom for Living Well

Stop what you’re doing. Come a little closer.  Take a nice deep breath.  Listen with all your senses.

Welcome to Horse Wisdom for Living Well.

Horse wisdom is subtle, potent, and filled with aha’s, new perspectives and inspired growth.

It's About You!

As a horse empath, energy healer, animal communicator and equine inspired life coach, I have the daily pleasure of spending my days connecting with horses and awesome people, and supporting them both with their connection with each other, how they can stay vital, and what really makes them tick.  What I have learned and keep on learning about these incredible beings never fails to blow my mind.  I’ve realized that our horses have this life thing a whole lot more figured out than most of us do.  They tend to live well balanced, relaxed, fun and connected lives. In fact, when it comes to living well, you may witness a powerful teacher grazing in the paddock  when you come to visit!


So, my present to you, after over a decade of daily humbling interaction with the wisdom of horses, is to support you and teach you how to live well every day through horse wisdom.


We are often not centred and present with ourselves, our animals, in the workplace and in our relationships.


For example, we often live in a false future of hopes, dreams, wishes, and expectations.  Or we hold onto our old fears, our deep lack of self-confidence, our old anger patterns, and so on, and these all play into our relationships around us.


Horses are so honest, clear, and sensitive by nature.  These old patterns of ours prevent our full bonding with our hearts, our inner wisdom and the life we seek.   Are you seeking more meaning, trust, honesty, and respect for yourself?

Working to release the unhealthy energies can assist with healing and increased inner peace around your situations.   Many times, when it is very difficult to get a physical healing, even with excellent care, the release of the underlying energy blockages allows the necessary breakthrough.

I love to facilitate those who are open and willing to take their life challenges as opportunities for great personal growth.   I have successfully worked with many people through their transformational processes, and I’d love to offer you the support that can assist you in your personal life or in upgrading your own innate skills and talents in working with others.

You have the chance to start right where you are, and you are invited to go as deep into yourself as you feel comfortable going while embarking on this journey.  So, no need to stress – get ready for healing, horse wisdom, and feeling your best!


When the flow and connection are not present in ourselves, it can be instructive to discover why. If we have the courage to look, horses can become our greatest teachers.

These are just a few of the reasons why coaching with horses can be so very important to our lives, our stress, our well-being, our emotional and mental health as well as our own personal development.

If this speaks to you, and you are struggling in your personal life, want to make changes, release and heal old wounds, resolve and reduce the stress and chaos you feel; then get in touch and experience Horse Wisdom for Living Well Session for yourself and make that change for the better today!  


Each horse is beautifully unique and once you start paying attention, you’ll be amazed at all the creative ways they share their wisdom.  All you need is a little humility, a healthy dose of humour and an open mind.  The horse will take it from there.

Get In Touch!

To Book A Session or to Discover More email me here, or call 07957 160333

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