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In the photo to the left with my dog Derry, I had shaved my hair to raise money for Breast Cancer Research, my son did the same and together we raised £1,500.00  In the photo to the right I am sharing special time with my soul mate and greatest teacher Harvey.

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website today.  My name is Chanti Cleland and this is a little about who I am and what I do.

I am an equine-guided coach and healer who works alongside her 2 horses to help people find solutions from stress and overwhelm through the wisdom of coaching with horses.

After a sixteen-year career as an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Life Coach and Intuitive Communicator, for both people and horses, I decided it was time to step into my true calling.

I now partner with my 2 horses to guide people during intense times of stress, struggle, and pain so that they may empower themselves to change their lives from the inside out. 

Over the years I have helped many four-legged equine clients find relief from physical pain, stress and trauma that has lodged in their body as an energy blockage through the power of Intuitive touch, and I continue to work in this way with horses today.

For over a decade and a half, I have immersed myself in continuing education initially based in therapeutic and Intuitive healing modalities, from which I have built a successful practice.  I went on to study and qualify in several energy-based healing modalities, including meditation, chakra healing for both humans and horses, mindfulness, EFT and Reiki for 2 leggeds and 4 leggeds.

Whilst working with my equine clients, I noticed that there was a disconnect between the horse owner’s own physical pain and the awareness of the emotional, mental, or energetic cause of that pain, which often manifested within their horse too.  You see I believe that our horses can and do mirror what is going on inside of us, we cannot be incongruent as our horses see the truth in us.  

Through my Intuitive Healing work with horses, I was often asked to guide their human owners through their own painful times in their lives, so that they too could heal old wounds.  You see,  healing occurs when the root of the cause of distress is addressed.   Horses are master energy readers. They read your intention, not what you are necessarily saying or doing and they are a mirror, a reflection of those who stand in front of them so that they may heal.

I decided to qualify in various forms of coaching to help guide my clients through painful times in their lives so that they could heal on all levels.  I received an accredited, Professional Certification for Life Coaching which together with my Intuitive Healing and communication work with horses led me to working with a mounted police unit offering Coaching With Horses sessions to emergency personnel and the children and families in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombing for a period of 3 years.

I love sharing healing in this way, offering transformational experiences through the healing wisdom of horses, helping people and horses who are struggling with stress and overwhelm to transform their lives.

My Invitation to You and if you are a horse owner - Your Horse

I invite you on a journey.  It is a healing journey that will forever transform the way you and  if you own a horse,  your horse,  experience stress.


If you are willing to open your heart and mind to the possibility that stress can become a superpower for you both, you will start to watch your lives change in front of your eyes for the better.

I support humans and horses struggling with stress to :-

  • Naturally manage their stress and learn to harness it in a transforming and empowering way.

  • Access the power of their self healing abilities

  • Embrace all their emotions and make them work FOR them, not against.

  • Shift their inner world to powerfully transform their outer one and bringing balance.

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