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Hello, and Welcome to Animal Guided Healing

I'm Chanti, and I'm an Intuitive Animal Healer, Communicator, Intuitive Life Coach and the founder of Animal Guided Healing specialising in horses and their humans. 


I help your horse and You to release stress patterns that create imbalances within your bodies that often manifest as problem behaviours, physical pain, disease and a breakdown in the relationship between you and your horse. 

Identifying and releasing stress from the source not only allows for deep healing and re-balance; it also gives an insight into your horse's emotional world, and gives You a new found connection and understanding of them.


​Horses mirror our emotions and we attract the perfect horses into our lives at the perfect time to help us uncover the parts of ourselves that require healing.  This is where my Intuitive Life Coaching work meets Intuitive Healing and Intuitive Animal Communication as I translate for you what is really going on between you both.


I love that I can facilitate personal growth for horse humans alongside their horse's healing in this way.  

The one thing that sets my work apart, is the combined work I do with YOU and your horse!  Where I help you regulate your emotions, and further more, identify exactly why your horse's behaviour creates a trigger for you.


There is such a beautiful connection in these sessions as I simultaneously improve your ability to regulate your anxiety when it is triggered, as well as improving your horse's ability to regulate their anxiety when triggered too!


The part that always blows me away, is how the core issues for you and your horse will often be a mirror of each other.


Helping our horses find their brave often leads us to our own.  Your journey in a Private Session with me might be one of the most important journeys you go on with your horse.

It's time to take off the mask and find the brave from within.    I work with horses and their humans around the globe both in private face to face sessions and via remote healings.  


P.S - Don't forget you can also learn these skills for yourself with me.

Opening Hours

Tuesdays - 8am to 5pm

Wednesdays- 8am to 4pm

Thursdays & Fridays - 7.45am to 7pm

Saturdays - 10am to 3pm.

If someone needs an appointment outside of these hours please contact me and if I can support you and your animals I will.

07957 160333

Connect With Me Here

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You can connect with me here too!

What Clients Say

"After a free phone conversation with Chanti where she calmed all my worries and fears, I went ahead and booked a few sessions for myself and my horse.  It was the best decision I have ever made for the both of us." Linda Henderson - Jan 2022
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