Have you ever noticed that anxious horses often have anxious owners?
Do you feel your horse is fearful and struggling to adapt to change?
Are you noticing an emotional change in your horse?
Are your emotional and energetic dynamics affecting your relationship with your horse?
Is your horse creating emotional reactivity within you?
Did you know that horses can have a fear of failure too - just like humans?
Could your horse be sharing some sort of unhealed trauma as humans can?
What fears and limiting beliefs do you share with your horse?

Hello my name is Chanti Cleland and I am an Intuitive Natural Healer, and Horse Communicator and I am here to support you and your horse in a Heart-Centred way through your everyday life, together.

I help you re-establish that natural link between you and your horse, a journey of releasing your own fears, so you can hold space for your horse to do the same.

Do you know that You and your horse are on the same journey together?

A side effect of my natural healing sessions has been a re-awakening of my clients' own natural healing abilities.  Exploring their own hands-on healing abilities, means that they can use healing as part of their daily routine,  resulting in a stronger heart-centred connection.

Natural Healing can teach you how to make a real difference to your horse's happiness and well-being.   It is giving and receiving at the highest level.


 What I do


I work with horses and their humans on a one-to-one basis to resolve physical or emotional issues.

In-person and distance sessions available.

"Together let's build a wellness community for our horses and ourselves"

I am passionate about helping people with their horses, and I offer a unique service in this respect. When I give healing to your horse I link you in that process, so that you too receive healing.  You and your horse are unique and sometimes it's hard to explain the deep connection you want to share with your horse.  I help you get to know your horse on this deeper level which often feels like rediscovering or re-learning that whilst you may not be of the same species or share the same language, you have a deep understanding of each other’s essential nature.

Healing Sessions

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For Horses

It is a very moving, humbling and thought-provoking experience to realise the depth of spiritual communication that healing can open up between us and our horse....

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You are a Healer Too

Discover and develop your own natural hands on healing abilities. 

"Since learning from Chanti, I love sharing hands on healing with my animals every day, and particularly when there is a problem.  It's good for me too as I feel I am able to do something positive."

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How to Book

You asked and I have listened. I have been asked if I can do early and late appointments to fit around working hours. I have changed my hours to the following to support you.  Discover more by clicking the button below.

Opening Hours

Tuesdays - 8am to 5pm

Wednesdays- 8am to 4pm

Thursdays & Fridays - 7.45am to 7pm

Saturdays - 10am to 3pm.

If someone needs an appointment outside of these hours please contact me and if I can support you and your animals I will.

07957 160333

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What Clients Say

"After a free phone conversation with Chanti where she calmed all my worries and fears, I went ahead and booked a few sessions for myself and my horse.  It was the best decision I have ever made for the both of us." Linda Henderson - Jan 2022